Wind 17.18%, 1 – 21 mph, Wales 14 – 19 mph, 0758 local time

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 6 mph, an average of 15 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines. So their output is negligible even in the equinoctial season of strong winds. From now on into summer the winds will become weaker. Solar is a completely negligible 0.35%, a joke. So the wind turbines and solar panels forced on Mawr are completely useless. They should therefore be removed as quickly as possible by cross party agreement, and the fierce popular resistance to Mynydd y Gwair organized on a permanent basis. If the turbines are forced up, they should be pulled down as soon as possible. Encampment and blocking protests are planned as the Mynydd y Gwair turbines arrive. Protesting groups will arrive from all over Wales and elsewhere. There have been many protests against Mynydd y Gwair and Betws. Dr Bellamy and myself took part in two of them. About 90% of the electorate in Gwyr was completely ignored. With democracy like this, who needs Chairman Mao? He was responsible for the deaths of seventy million people. The forced colonization of Wales is responsible for the death of an entire language and Nation. As a Civil List Pensioner appointed directly by Head of State, and a fluent Welsh speaker I protest to UNESCO in the strongest possible terms.

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