Wind 17.5%, 6 – 24 mph, Wales 7 – 22 mph, 0720 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 7 mph, so the turbines are producing nothing because it takes 9 mph to start them. This is essentially the case all year round, so they are the products of greed and corruption. Solar today is a negligible 0.15% so the solar panels dumped on Mawr by Swansea Councils are producing nothing. Some farmers have covered their land with solar panels which are completely useless. They are paid subsidies for being useless. I do not think that any farm in Mawr is economical, they all exist on subsidies of some kind, for milk, sheep and so on. Many have been glotted by incomers and this is how a language is destroyed. The glots are responsible for Betws and the wholesale destruction of environment in a radius of thirty miles. The sinister ugliness of these Betws turbines destroys the landscape completely. They tower over small villages, and produce nothing but revulsion. Google “abandoned wind turbines” to see what these will be like in about a decade. Coal tips were pristine beauty compared with that pile of towering scrap. In addition, a large amount of irreplaceable land of ancient and outstanding beauty has been destroyed by roads and pylons – all for nothing as my study shows clearly. The Mawr Development Trust has gone bankrupt owing an unknown amount of money, so the only industry in Mawr is theoretical physics, and that is world famous. It does not take any money from taxpayers.

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