Book “principles of ECE theory II”, Chapter by Stephen Corthers

I invited him some months ago, and he is welcome to contribute of course. I will be very glad to contribute to costs. Volume One is a great success, being read about five thousand times a year off combined sites. The publication in Berlin by EPubli is of high quality, good paper quality and binding, and good colour illustrations. The preprint of volume two has been read several thousand times.

Sent: 17/03/2017 09:16:06 GMT Standard Time
Subj: book “principles of ECE theory II”

As far as I remember, Stephen Crothers is pencilled in for a chapter.
Did you already ask him for a contribution? If not I can do that. I will
ask the typesetter when he can start his work. I still have to read the
chapters in detail and insert my own parts but this can be done in
parallel with typesetting.


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