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The Awbrey Genealogy is found on and also on Celtic Royal Genealogy. This is generally regarded as definitive. Bartrum takes the line as far back as Thomas Aubrey who married Nest ferch Owain Gethin, some genealogies push the Awbrey line back to Sir Reginald Awbrey, a knight of Bernard de Neufmarche, but I have followed Bartrum because some generations are missing if we attempt to push back further than Thomas Aubrey. The etymology of the name is Alberic, or Albericus, from ancient Germanic Alberich, from alf (elf or dwarf) and ric (meaning power). He was the sorcerer king of the dwarfs who guarded the treasure of the Niebelungen and appears in the Nibelungenlied. This may have been Norse originally. Some scholars accept that they descend from Reginald Aubrey, but others think that that is a shaky genealogy. They may have, I think it is a matter of missing generations rather than fabrication. The Ariciu site mentions that Nest ferch Owain Gethin was a Gentlewoman with her own coat of arms, a deer leaping forward. I have not been able to find a record of this coat of arms, but Nest descended from Bleddyn ap Maenarch, Prince of Brycheiniog, so would have been an Uchelwraig, or Noblewoman. The dwarfs translate in British Celtic mythology to “Y Tylwyth Teg”, magical little people and Leprechauns in Irish Celtic mythology. Sometimes the name becomes Auberon, and appears in Shakespeare as Auberon or Oberon in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. In Irish it becomes Auberon Muircetach (Auberon the Great Battle Leader). Northern European mythology was quite closely interrelated, so are the languages if one digs deep enough. So ric is rug in Old English, rhi in Welsh, rex in Latin, roi in French and so on. So Offa was a wis rug, Offa was a wise king, but Mercia was over run by the Vikings from the other side of the Dyke.

Myron Evans

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Greetings. I am an Awbrey in the U.S., with our line being from the “Tredomen” Awbreys. I am planning a trip to Wales in June and the planning has generated a renewed interest in my family’s history here.

Family lore has always been strong on the Norman connection, but a few sources I have found have debunked this connection as having been fabricated. Your name has come up as someone who has done deep research into the Awbrey line.

Looking through your blog, I can glean tidbits of information (admittedly I get tripped up on the Welsh names), but I would like to know if you have a nice tidy “tree” online somewhere I could see. Also, if the Norman connection is indeed a fabrication, what information might you have on where they came from? Were they always in the Brecon area or did they arrive there from elsewhere? If this is even knowable that is.

Thank you in advance for an information you can share.

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