Wind 11.78%, 1 – 35 mph, Wales 6 – 24 mph, 0720 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area is now 6 mph, so the turbines are producing nothing at all because it needs 9 mph tostart them. It i an overcats morning and the solar panels are producing close to nothing. For the whole of Britain, solar is completely negligible at 0.12%, a joke. As usual, nuclear and gas are meeting the great majority of demand. Nuclear is always run flat out, irrespective of the nuclear waste, and gas is always run close to maximum. Coal is always run at about half maximum. The instability and uselessnes of win turbines means that they should be demolished. This would save on the energy used to stabilize the grid. Many studies have shown that wind turbines are very turbulent and unstable, and will eventually shake themselves to pieces. My daily study shows that they are essentially useless, particularly in Wales. Solar is a joke, it is often 0.00%.

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