Plans for UFT373

I will start by making this comparison in order to find the analytical value of the spin connection. These are important results, so I will develop them by expressing the relevant lagrangian in curvilinear coordinates. They make Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) obsolete by producing the precession of the perihelion in two ways, both of which are simpler than EGR.. Congratulations to co author Horst Eckardt for finding the precessing orbit due to the spin connection, graphed in UFT363. I will attempt to express these results in terms of the observed precesion, 3MG / (alpha c squared). One spin connection is sufficient to produce precession. The lagrangian of ECE2 relativity is sufficient to produce precession, graphed in UFT372. This lagrangian has the same mathematical structure in special relativity.

Sent: 14/03/2017 11:54:46 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Section 3 of papers 360, 363, 372

These are the numerical sections. Eq. (71) of UFT363 may be compared
with Eq. (58) of UFT372. There is a similarity, relating Omega with r0
and gamma, although not perfect, since the term r*phi dot ^2 is not
affected in UFT372.
It seems that the modification of the r equation is responsible for the
precession, not the modification of the phi equation. This may have to
do with the symmetry of modifying phi dot dot as I explained in UFT372.





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