Wind 13.82%, 0 – 31 mph, Wales 11 – 21 mph, 0724 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area today is 11 mph, an effective wind speed of only 2 mph, because it takes 9 mph to start the turbines. So they produce essentially nothing all year around, at huge public expense, destroying the ecology and beauty, slaughtering wildlife. This morning is a dismal, fog infested white out, with some cold rain, so the total contribution of solar to the grid is an immensely successful 0.00%. This is not a script from Monte Python, it is a real joke. Solar is estimated by the University of Sheffield on So the ecology of Mawr has been obliterated for fun. An urgent reform of the entire energy policy is needed. even then, there are going to be power cuts. If coal were shut down now there would be immediate power cuts. Hydro is 1.7%, another joke, nuclear is flat out and if there is an accident that will be the end of that industry. Gas is approaching maximum capacity and it almost all has to be imported. That creates dependence on unstable regions and sometimes hostile governments. The only answer is hydro. It is so obvious that nothing is done about it. Being obvious has been declared illegal, something out of Jonathan Swift or George Orwell.

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