The Scandals in the Glotted University of Wales

I have held the Scientiae Doctor (D. Sc.) degree of the true University of Wales since 1978 (aged 27), submitted 1977 (aged 26). I have held the degree for forty years and I am the youngest recipient under modern rules, when one has to wait a number of years between the award of a Ph. D. and the submission of a D. Sc. It was meant by the University of London to be a distinction higher than full professor, in recognition of work of outstanding distinction recognized internationally. It is well known that corruption is endemic in the colonized University of Wales, which is not the true University of Wales, founded in the Welsh language at the 1893 National Eisteddfod. All this corruption is described in detail in the second volume of my autobiography, published by New Generation in London, and open source, blue box above my coat of arms on, home page. The corruption meant that I was denied any support of any kind by the colonial, or glotted University of Wales (from “monoglot” because they don’t like the Welsh language or Welsh speakers with talent) and was locked out my entire life for exposing corruption in 1977 /1978 (Auto Two). Even though I work directly for the Head of State as a Civil List Pensioner, I am still locked out. The longest lock out in history, and we have known some lock outs in South Wales. I think that Aneurin Bevan was also glotted. The glots were raked by grape shots of criticism after the scandals of 2010, as the People recoiled in anger and shame. A prison sentence of eight years was passed on one person in London, who was selling false University of Wales qualifications with the knowledge of the University staff responsible. I was forced to emigrate in 1986 and have taken my D. Sc. around the world since then. I regard myself as a full professor in the true University of Wales. UCW Aberystwyth is dismally insignificant internationally, its h indices in physics are difficult to see with an electron microscope, and chemistry was destroyed by corruption. So on a historical level, the imposition of glotted colleges on Welsh speaking Wales is a disaster. As ever, the People has been betrayed by self seekers, many of whom should be in prison. The colonial cream is glotted, we need a Declaration of Independency as Jefferson would have written.

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