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Many thanks for such a quick reply. Our Garth line was originally worked out by Leonid Morgan, who deposited a roll in the West Glamorgan Archives and books in Ystrad Gynlais Library. Leonid Morgan’s research was conveyed to me by Stuart Davies. We have worked out the sources used by Leonid Morgan. Do your records show the name of the father of Morgan ap Thomas when he was married on 25th February 1688 to Angharad Bevan? He would have been Morgan filius Thomas ap Morgan. Thomas ap Morgan was buried at Callwen on 26th June 1689, confirmed by the Vicar of Callwen. We have discovered that there were Christopher Portrey senior, who married Francise Pryce, and Christopher Portrey Junior whose common law wife was Elizabeth Portrey, the natural daughter of Gwenllian John. They all lived at Ynys Cedwyn House. I know that at least one history mentions Elizabeth Portrey as being popular and well known. I found the first extant documents about Elizabeth Portrey (attached). This is why I wish to donate them. They are the only extant documents about her apart from church records. Stuart Davies later found another extant document about her. Christopher Portrey Junior was her natural father, but he did not marry Gwenllian John. Gwenllian John was his common law wife at Ynys Cedwyn House. So my great great great great great grandmother Elizabeth Portrey could not inherit anything and was not included in the Ynys Cedwyn Estate papers. She was the grandmother of Morgan Morgan of Craig y Nos, and of course there is a vivid memory of her in that branch of the family. The scientific method requires that Christopher Portrey Junior and Elizabeth would have to be exhumed, and DNA testing carried out. She would carry the X chromosome of Christopher Portrey Junior. Elizabeth married Morgan ap Thomas y Garth, her distant cousin, and they are buried in St Cynog. I do not know whether the Vicar or Family would agree to such DNA testing. In my opinion and that of the historian and genealogist Stuart Davies, it is overwhelmingly probable that she was the natural daughter of Christopher Portrey Junior, of Ynys Cedwyn House.

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Please see the answer at the end of each question

Donation to Ystrad Gynlais Family History Society

I would like to donate the attached genealogies to the Society. I have a few questions as follows.

1) Do you have any baptismal and marriage records for Thomas ap Morgan ap John (<1610 – 27th June 1689, buried at Callwen). They would be at St. Cynog or St. John the Baptist Callwen. Are there any extant banns or Bishop’s transcripts? He is mentioned in a quitclaim dated 5/11/1610 in the Ynys Cedwyn Estate papers as the son of Morgan ap John of Gwern yr Efail (born 1568).We have no physical records before 1712 – they have gone missing from both the library and the church – we have to rely on the index that we took some 15 years previously. BTs would be held at the NLW
2) Do you have transcripts of the marriage between Morgan ap Thomas ap Morgan ap John and Angharad Bevan
25/2/1688 at St. Cynog. In particular the names of their parents. Are there any extant banns or Bishop’s transcripts?They appear on our index but see previous answer,
3) Are then any extant wills and other documents and graveyard inscriptions of the attached lines at St Cynog and Callwen? Not as far as I am aware – St Cynog church have only copies of their old registers no documents are held there as for Callwen I dont know. In a recent survey of the graveyard in St Cynog no stone has been found to contain this couple no recent study has been made of Callwen graveyard and our index do not go back that far.
4) Do you have any newspaper anectodes and so on of Elizabeth Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn House? Her marriage to Morgan ap Thomas y Garth was well known in its time. Our newpaper archive does not go back that far, the earliest newspapers we have start in 1861

The NLW have documents relating to Christopher Portrey including his marriage bond and will and Richard Portrey’s will in 1729

Sorry that I couldnt have been of more help

Many thanks,

Myron Evans

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