Records of St Cynog

To Stuart Davies:

I phoned St Cynog today at 01639 843200 and found that all their exatnt records are now in the County Hall in Swansea. These would include the marriage of Morgan ap Thomas ap Morgan ap John to Angharad Bevan on 25/2/1688. Presumably his parents’ names would be on the marriage entry. All the baptisms and so on will presumably be in the County Hall. The Ynys Cedwyn Estate records have the following entries of relevance. I have transcribed into the correct Welsh.

1) D/D Yc 38, 28th July 1564, conveyance of Tir y Garth and Gwaun yr Afon from Ieuan Gwyn ap Morgan ap Richard Awbrey to his brother John ap Morgan of Gwern yr Efail. Presumably this was some form of transfer of land between the two brothers..

2) D/D Yc 61 of 20th. Feb., 1596 – 1597. A Bond in £200 between 1) Morgan ap Richard ap Awbrey, Gent., John ap Morgan ap Richard. Gent., and Marged ferch Hywel Ddu, widow, to Gruffudd Jeffrey ap Rhys, Gent., of Tir Ynys, Llwyn Ddu with meadow (4 acres) and Rhos y Byrfaun in Ystrad Gynlais. Parchment and tag and seal, Latin and English. This means that Morgan ap Richard died in 1596 / 1597, and his widow and son sold the land mentioned via a land bond.

3) D/D Yc 62 of 12th Sept 1597. Final concord for £40 between 1) Gruffudd Jeffrey ap Rhys (plaintiff) and (2) Llewelyn ap Morgan and his wife Jonet and Morgan ap Richard and his wife Margaret (deforciant). Two messuages, arable land (8 acres), meadow (26 acres), pasture (20 acres), wood (12 acres) and furze and heath (10 acres) in Ystrad Gynlais. The word “deforciant” presumably means that the land was taken by adverse possession of some kind. Therefore the wife of Morgan ap Richard was Marged ferch Hywel Ddu.

4) D/D Yc 42 of 5th Nov 1610. Conveyance (feoffment, i.e. freehold) from John ap Morgan ap Richard (John Morgan Prichard) and son Morgan ap John (Morgan John), Gentlemen, to son Thomas ap Morgan ap John (recorded as “Thomas John”). Property as in D/D Yc 38. Thomas ap Morgan was buried at Callwen on 26th June 1689.

5) Feoffment of 13th March 1612/1613. John ap Morgan ap Richard (recorded as John Morgan Richard) of Ystrad Gynlais, Gent., and wife Angharad to Morgan Aubrey of Ynys Cedwyn.

So we have collected all the source documents presumably used as part of the research of Leonid Morgan, who originally worked out this line, of which you made me aware some years ago.

afamilylinesancestryto1,100 BC.pdf

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