Galactic Scale Theories

The beauty of the work at present is that the inverse square law can eb applied in the lagrangian both for gravitational and electrodynamical problems. Many thanks to Norman Page and Horst Eckardt for the idea of Moebius orbits, and their computation.

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yes, we know this, therefore the model calculation of the Moebius strip should better be made by an electric potential (electric/plasma universe), but the result is the same as for the gravitational case we worked out.


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Myron/Horst Obviously gravity predominates on the scale of solar systems – but it fails on the galactic ( see galactic rotation curves) and cosmic scale- see link below..Norman

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These orbits can be explained by gravitational theory, as just shown by Horst Eckardt. In the solar system gravitational theory is needed because the sun and the planets have no net charge. PLasma theory may play a role on the scale of galactic clusters. If so it would be easy to change the inverse square law of Hooke and Newton into a Coulomb law, giving the same Moebius strip results.

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Horst /Myron At another scale entirely see

The galaxies are likely aligned by enormous scale Birkeland currents
along Mobius strip orbits which produce filamentary networks. An
electric universe in which gravity is of minor importance – as seems
fairly obvious to me considering the relative strength of gravity and
coulomb forces.Regards Norman

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