Comparison of UFT363 and UFT372

Many thanks, this is very interesting as ever.

Sent: 14/03/2017 08:07:29 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Re: Comparison of UFT363 and UFT372

I will send over the sections 3 of both papers today. I was able to simplify further the relativistic Lagrange equations. A direct comparison of one term between UFT363 and UFT372 is possible.


Am 14.03.2017 um 08:46 schrieb EMyrone:

I intend to start work on this today, and to develop a general lagrangian theory with curvilinear coordinates. Both UFT363 and UFT372 produce orbital precession, as proven numerically by Horst Eckardt. This means that the unified field theory is rigorously self consistent.

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