Wind 11.88%, 0 – 31 mph, Wales 6 – 13 mph, 0704 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area today is 6 mph, so the turbines are producing nothing at all because it takes 9 mph to start them. If they are turning at all, it is because power is being fed into them from the grid. The support machinery probably needs power to run. So they should be demolished immediately because they consume millions in public subsidies for no purpose at all and also take power from the grid. Solar today is 0.00%, a really impressive achievement and hydro is a dismal 1.8%. So the solar panels dumped on Mawr should be taken away. The turbines and solar panels consume millions in subsidies and produce nothing 90% of the time. They are productive for only a few days of the year, and even on those days produce very little. These subsidies in Mawr go to a very tiny group of incompetent farmers, and one absentee aristocrat who is already immensely wealthy. These parasites virtually guarantee that life for the great majority is going to become very difficult because they inhibit the construction of tidal lagoons. The farms in Mawr are no longer self sufficient. Power rationing, power cuts and general chaos are expected in the future. This is openly admitted by an incompetent government – incompetent at best, corrupt at worst.

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