Putting the Record Straight

To Dylan Moore:

I was at the EDCL from 1968 to 1983 and my experiences there are described in Autobiography Volume II. I notice that you posted some remark about me, addressing me by my first name. That name is reserved for my friends. I hardly knew you. I remember you as playing a twelve string guitar over a tin of baked beans, boiling benzene. To turn a custom built set of chemistry laboratories into an art department is barbarism. The Grade II listing of the old building is due to Dr. Gareth Evans, they would have demolished the lot. It is generally considered that the incompetent administration destroyed a lot of science and put a lot of fine people out of work. One of them committed suicide. What is your art compared with that? When I last saw it in 1993 it had been severely vandalized, so I write the sonnet “The Wild Geese” in the attached. I recommend that you do not bend history, and read Autobiography Volume Two on www.aias.us. I request that you do not send me any e mail and my first name is for my friends.

Yn Gywir Iawn

Myron Evans,

(Dr. M. W. Evans, Civil List Pensioner (2005), Armiger (2008), Member of the Gentry of Wales (2012), D. Sc., Ph. D., B.Sc. (Wales)), Top First, Class of 1971, EDCL


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