Source Documents for Genealogy

The source documents for the descent of the Morgan Aubrey family from the Princes are all given on the Royal Celtic Genealogy site in great detail for every generation down to Christopher Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn (1693 to 1752), who was the natural father of Elizabeth Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn, my great great great great great grandmother. The attached collects all the extant documents about Elizabeth Portrey. The line from her is modern and well documented (attached). Every generation is well documented until it starts to become semi mythological at about 150 B. C. The attached is now considered to be definitive genealogy. The line of Y Garth is also well documented as attached from the Ynys Cedwyn Estate papers and other records. So there is a double line back to the Princes, proven for every generation. Several of the Aubreys are recorded in “The Baronetage of England” so they must have had coats of arms, for example Morgan Aubrey Hen, Lord of Brecon. Ariciu writes that Nest ferch Owain Gethin was a Gentlewoman with a coat of arms, a deer leaping forward. I need to confirm this with source documents. If so then her father Owain Gethin also had a coat of arms, and so on back to Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch, whose coat of arms is in Gregynog Hall for example. There are many newspaper items and anectodes in the Ystrad Gynlais area about Elizabeth Potrey of Ynys Cedwyn House. She was the illegitimate daughter of Christopher Potrey of Ynys Cedwyn House and Gwenllian John of Ysrad Gynlais, who also lived at the big house. So her father’s name does not appear on her baptismal record at St. Cynog, only her mother’s name, Gwenllian John of Ystrad Gynlais. She lived with her parents at Ynys Cedwyn House, and her father left £20 to her in a codicil to his Will on 22nd January 1753. He left £5 to Gwenllian John. This is not wildly generous, I suppose that he wanted to hide the fact that he was the father. The signatures of Elizabeth Portrey on marriage records to Morgan Evans and then to Morgan ap Thomas Y Garth are clear and the same. I have studied them by computer magnification from documents sent over by Stuart Davies. This means she could read and write, and was well educated. A maid servant often could not read or write. Elizabeth Portrey could not inherit anything lawfully because she was illegitimate. Her grandson was Morgan Morgan of Craig y Nos Castle, who sold the Castle to Adelina Patti in 1878.

afamilylinesancestryto1,100 BC.pdf


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