History of Craig y Nos

The definitive historian is Stuart Davies and before him my ancestral cousin Leonid Morgan. There are many garbled histories online and in print. Wikipedia is not very reliable, but has an article stating that Morgan Morgan bought the Castle in 1876 for £6,000 and sold it to the common law husband of Adelina Patti, Ernesto Nicolini, in 1878 for about £3,500. They were married in about 1886. I assume this because women could not buy property in 1878, but Patti may have been able to. It was certainly her wealth. Coats of arms on the net are often unreliable, and genealogies are often completely wrong and unsupported by source documents for any generation. The Baron Cederstrom had a coat of arms, and Patti a monogram. My Potter family worked at the Castle. In the 1891 Census there are Rachel Potter, aged 21 and Caroline Potter, aged 16. Two other Potters were married to the head gardener Constantine Hibbert aged 27 in 1891, and to the Chef, Adamo Adami, a famous Chef who had worked in the Casino in Nice. In 1891 the Head of the Household was Signor Nicolini, aged 66, born in Tours, France. The Patti Theatre was opened on 12th August 1891, the house guests included the Spanish Ambassador, Baron Reuter and his wife, and journalists. There was a buffet with 450 bottles of champagne. I was shocked to find that the theatre once had a magnificent organ, donated by the United States, but some sages of bureaucracy had it dismantled -almost unbelievable stupidity. There was an orchestra pit and seats of plush velvet. The theatre was modelled after Wagner’s Theatre in Bayreuth, Drury Lane, and other theatres. The Theatre had an orchestra pit, and a gallery for the workers of the Castle, who were invited to performances. There were up to seventy members of the domestic staff. In my opinion Cederstrom was greatly at fault in selling off the Castle by auction, causing immense damage to art and culture and also actual damage, (for example the staircase was destroyed) and throwing many people into unemployment. The house had a substantial library. In my opinion it has been renovated, but at the same time diluted, by commercialization. Its cultural activities are of course positive happenings. If I could, I would buy it and renovate it to its pristine and original condition when at its best, and take up residence. The TB Hospital there was a very dark episode, with a lot of mindless and sadistic cruelty. Finally streptomycin cured TB and arrived in 1947. Many very young children died there of TB, so that’s why there are ridiculous rumours of ghosts and so on, all commercialized up. There is one string theorist who lives in indeterminacy in the coach house. He or it can be seen in 145.7 dimensions, in all the guest rooms at the same time.

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