Displays of Coats of Arms

By googling the book by Michael Powell Siddons many coats of arms can be seen, however, some of them on google are “family coats of arms”, which have no validity, because lawful arms must be obtained by petitioning and grant of arms with seals of the Heralds. I will ask the NLW if they will do the research. When filtered down to legal arms there are not going to be many of them in the direct line until we reach Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch. His father in law was King Tewdwr Mawr (Tudor the Great), whose arms were those of the Kingdom of Deheubarth. These are the same as my own arms displayed on www.aias.us, the single golden lion rampant with a wavy border. My coat of arms (home page of www.aias.us) is “Per fesse dancetty acute Gules and Sable, a Lion rampant Or holding between the forepaws a Garb of hay Argent banded Vert, a bordure engrailed Or”. These are displayed outside my house (made by local craftsmen) and inside in applique. The Heraldic description means: “A golden lion rampant (i.e standing on two feet) on a field of red and black (a pattern of hills) inside a wavy border edged in gold. Between its forepaws the golden lion holds a silver sheaf of hay bound in green”. The arms of Deheubarth are: “Per fesse dancety acute Gules, a golden Lion rampant, a bordure engrailed Or”. These are very ancient arms, going back to King (Brenin) Hywel Dda and his ancestors. No two coats of arms can be the same, so my arms have extra elements, the sheaf of hay (denoting that I am the son of a hill farmer and coal miner, and a black pattern of hills (field Sable)). My arms were prepared as a work of art by an artist of the College of Arms. The description and design is due to the Windsor Herald, Major William Hunt (ret.). I have the original document awarding arms in a container with Heraldic seals. This is the way a genuine coat of arms is awarded to persons of eminence. I was advised by Windsor that arms are awarded to persons of eminence in their own right. In my case for services to science and voluntary services, and for appointment as a Civil List Pensioner directly by Elizabeth II, the Head of State on recommendation of the Prime Minister and relevant Royal Society or Societies. This makes me an Armiger, a person awarded arms. According to precedent of Sir Edward Coke in Tudor times, this means that my entire Family and myself attain gentility, i.e. they all become Gentlemen or Gentlewomen in perpetuity, down the generations. This means that we are all members of the Gentry. Many of our ancestors were Members of the Peerage and Gentry, several were Princes and Kings. I am included in “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry” as a kind of Clan Chief, to represent the entire Family. In the ancient British system we are all the highest rank of Uchelwyr or Noblemen and Noblewomen (aristocrats of ancient British blood) because of rigorously proven descent from the Princes. In Wales and ancient Britain, descent from the Princes is the most important descent. The term “royal” is Norman and does not really apply in Wales, and did not apply in ancient Britain.

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