Increase in Interest in New Energy Devices

It can be seen from the early morning report today that there has been an increase in interest in new energy devices explained by ECE theory and which cannot be explained by the obsolete standard physics. For example the Mann Johnson ECE magnetic motor, advocated by President Jimmy Carter; the Osamu Ide circuit; and the devices described by Doug Lindstrom when he opened the Idaho New Energy Conference. All the relevant material is on and The Alex Hill devices are described on and Alex Hill and company have just signed a joint venture agreement with a U. S. company to develop them. There is also interest in the pulsed LENR devices reviewed by Doug Lindstrom. I have shown on this blog, daily over the last six months, that wind and solar are completely useless in Wales (not enough wind or sun), and ought to be replaced by these new devices. The Osamu Ide circuit is described in full detail in UFT311, where it was explained exactly by Arenhold and Eckardt using ECE theory. The theory is developed further in UFT321 and the Osamu Ide device was replicated in UFT364 by Eckardt and Foltz, using independent apparatus. There is always a great deal of interest in ECE Quantum Mechanics as described in chapter three of Lar Felker, “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”, especially the Spanish language translation by Alex Hill. This chapter is now a modern classic.

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