Criticism of the tory government

Dear Mr Davies,

This is propagandist nonsense, everyone knows that the British economy is headed for a three year slump, (just use google), and the pound has collapsed to $1.22 from about $1.65. The budget is just fiddling around on the margins. So why bother to send me this propaganda? I am a Bevanite socialist and you know what Aneurin Bevan thought of tories – “they are lower than vermin”. The tories have no right to govern because they fixed the 2015 election (headlines today), those who did this are lower than vermin. As a former police officer you will know that this is a criminal offence. I should think that Mr Corbin will make mincemeat out of the Prime Minister very soon. Tories have never been in a Parliamentary majority in Wales, and hold one seat out of 59 in Scotland. Your own majority is very marginal, and you will lose your seat in the next election. As a British aristocrat (Uchelwr), and member of the Gentry, I do not vote, and this kind of nonsense shows why. Real questions of importance in Mawr include control of crime, control of traffic, extreme, forced, overdevelopment and the almost complete, deliberate destruction of the Welsh language, the way in which objections to development are overruled, and many more. No affordable housing for young people, uncontrolled monoglot immigration that has totally destroyed the language, double yellow lines, speed bollards, environmental carnage by horse riding vandals, and much more. Remember that Mawr is in your constituency. You have never been seen here except for one fleeting visit to a pub. There is also a rump council in Mawr which has been severely reprimanded twice for failing to keep accounts. The councillors responsible have resigned, and the Mawr Development Trust has gone bankrupt in a creditors’ liquidation. You could at least find out how much its owes and why it went bankrupt and who was responsible for this fiasco. One of its directors is a known, self confessed, troll. We are curious to know. There is a lame duck County Councillor who is almost never seen and who has resigned from the Community Council and the County Council planning committee, but mindlessly hangs on to imagined power. No one knows how the taxation in Mawr is used. In my case a mixture of cement and glue was thrown over my car, but the police made no investigation, they did not even bother to make a forensic investigation. They could still do this. We had to pay for and put up a CCTV system. The police are being heavily criticised throughout South Wales for taking no action against serious crime, not only in my case but several others. So there is no government in Mawr and the tories are remote as the full moon. You should press for the arrest of the criminal who caused criminal damage to my car. You should press for the arrest of well known trolls in Mawr. In detailed discussions with Elizabeth Evans, Labour candidate for Mawr, we came to agreement on all issues, some of which I have mentioned here.

Personal good wshes

Myron Evans

Armiger of Mawr

cc Chief Constable,
Police Commissioner

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