Coats of Arms

Windsor Herald,
College of Arms,

Dear Major Hunt,

Can the College of Arms advise on how many coats of arms have been awarded in the attached direct line back to the point at which coats of arms were first defined? Is there an online index of coats of arms available from the College of Arms or some other reliable source? I know that several of the Aubrey, Portrey and Gough families of Ynys Cedwyn were High Sheriffs of Brecon, so would be entitled to a coat of arms assuming that they petitioned for arms. In the extended family there many coats of arms because it is such an ancient family. For example in the extended Aubrey Family the following were High Sheriffs of Brecon all entitled to arms provided they petitioned for arms:

1) Dr William Aubrey Cantref, 1545.
2) John Aubrey Abercynrig 1572.
3) Sir Edward Aubrey Tredomen 1583 and 1589.
4) Morgan Aubrey Ynys Cedwyn 1616.
5) Richard Portrey Ynys Cedwyn 1727.
6) Richard Gough Aubrey Ynys Cedwyn 1800.
7) Richard Aubrey Gough of Ynys Cedwyn, 1840.
8) Fleming Richard Dansey Aubrey Gough Ynys Cedwyn 1895.

Additionally Rice Davies Powell Craig y Nos was High Sheriff in 1847, but apparently did not petition for arms although the office gave him entitlement to Arms. Morgan Morgan of Craig y Nos was High Constable of Brecon. Would this office have entitled him to arms? Finally Lord Tudor Watkins became a Life Peer entitled to arms, but apparently did not petition for arms. I attach a few genealogies. There is a collection of genealogies on compiled with the help of many fine scholars, notably: Stuart Davies, Dewi Lewis, Arthur Turner-Thomas, Vivienne Swaby, Clement Bartrum and many other sources.

Thank you in anticipation

Myron Evans,
Armiger 2008.


afamilylinesancestryto1,100 BC.pdf




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