Aubrey High Sheriffs of Brecon

The following are all ancestors and High Sheriffs of Brecon, excluding Rice Davies Powell

Dr William Aubrey Cantref, 1545.
John Aubrey Abercynrig, 1572, 1586.
Sir Edward Aubrey Tredomen, 1583, 1589.
Morgan Aubrey Ynys Cedwyn, 1616
Morgan Aubrey Ynys Cedwyn (?) 1683 (cannot find in genealogy).
Richard Portrey Ynys Cedwyn, 1727
Richard Gough Aubrey Ynys Cedwyn, 1800.
Rice Davies Powell of Craig Y Nos, 1847.
Fleming Richard Dansey Aubrey Gough of Ynys Cedwyn, 1895

The office in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was dominated completely by the ancestors in the genealogy.

afamilylinesancestryto1,100 BC.ZIP

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