Wind 17.21%, 3 – 20 mph, Wales 9 – 12 mph, 0838 Local Time

The effective wind speed in the Betws area is now zero, because the average wind speed is 9 mph and it takes 9 mph to start the turbines. So they producing nothing as usual. So they are a fiasco. Mynydd y Gwair will compound the carnage of environment and wildlife in order to give the Duke of Beaufort more money. This is a backward, mediaeval society on the edge of collapse as energy runs out. Solar today is 2.85% (University of Sheffield estimate on gridwatch) and it is already clear that solar is a pitiful failure. It produces significant power only on those rare days when there is a lot of sunshine, when there is cloud, rain and fog its output is zero. Hydro is 2.26% and negligible. Nuclear is flat out, gas is approaching maximum capacity, coal is at about half capacity. So fossil and nuclear still provide nearly all the steady power. Wind is disruptive and frequently takes power from the grid, it is the worst disaster in British industrial history. In Wales all wind turbines are useless because there is not enough wind. Anyone who reads this blog every day can see this clearly. The blog cuts through all the deception of the wind industry by using gridwatch and the met office wind map. The solar industry is completely deceptive. Swansea Councils misgovern Mawr completely, and have ruined the environment with wind turbines and solar panels, combined with extreme over development and closure of Welsh language schools. The County Councillor has been unable to stop any of this and should resign.

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