Coats of Arms in the Morgan Awbrey Line

The attached is authentic genealogy referred to for example by wikitree as definitive. It is the work of many fine scholars and myself and is very popular off In the past nine hundred years (a short interval for this ancient and famous Family) there have not been all that many coats of arms in the line back to Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch and Tewdwr Mawr, the Tudor ancestor and King of all of the southern regions of Wales. My arms were granted by the College of Arms in 2008 and featured as an outstanding achievement in the Newsletter of the College of Arms because I am a Civil List Pensioner. So I become the equivalent of a Clan Chief, although that system is not officially in use in Wales. I have not been able to find many other awards of arms to the Family, but there must be some in the College of Arms. I will ask it to make a search. The next one back in time is the award of arms to the Gough Family of Ynys Cedwyn House (google Ynys Cedwyn House 2). That is three boars’ heads and wavy red and white, motto “Nec ferae terrent”, “nor do wild beasts terrify”. The exact description can be found from the College of Arms. Lord Tudor Watkins was entitled to a coat of arms, but I have not been able to find it so far. He may not have had it prepared by a Herald. I will ask the College of Arms. It looks as if the Awbreys themselves were not awarded arms. Morgan Morgan and Rice Davies Powell were not awarded arms but made them up. My ancestor Morgan Morgan was known as the Squire of Craig y Nos Castle. Several centuries ago Sir Dafydd Gam’s coat of arms was a black lion rampant, modelled on the golden lion rampant of the Kingdom of Deheubarth, the arms of Tewdwr Mawr, and before him Hywel Dda, and the original Tudor arms. The golden lion rampant of Deheubarth, and the Princes of Deheubarth is also the golden lion rampant of the Kings of Scots, and is the central element of my own coat of arms. Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch had his own coat of arms, currently displayed in Gregynog. The Welsh (i.e. ancient British) system is different, it does not have a system of achieving gentility by the award of arms, but an Aristocrat of Welsh blood such as myself (Uchelwr) is recognized by rigorously proven descent from the Princes. I am a member of a royal family of Welsh blood, there are also noble and gentle families of Welsh blood, (the original British). These accept Norman law very reluctantly, and prefer the law of my own direct ancestor, Hywel Dda (source, “The Development of Welsh Heraldry” by Major Francis Jones). The Welsh or British Aristocracy would have had their own coats of arms, but these would not have been registered at the College of Arms, obviously, they were fighting the Normans for several hundred years and eventually took the Crown of England at Bosworth (1485). No two coats of arms can be the same. There is no such thing as a family coat of arms. They are granted to individuals. Arms these days are awarded to eminent persons. Anyone can petition for arms, provided that their record of achievement is sufficient for the College of Arms in London. They can make up coats of arms or adopt family coats of arms, but that has no status in the law of arms. Being an aristocrat means that one has responsibilities when allegedly elected politicians fail abysmally, as they almost always do. In the first instance, they are not elected, because turn out is so low, people being expletified by them. Having a coat of arms does not mean that one is a royalist. I am a Leveller in a four hundred year old republican and dissenter tradition. Levellers were persecuted and imprisoned both by my ancestor Charles 1st and by my ancestor Cromwell (who was also descended from Tewdwr Mawr). His family adopted the name of Thomas Cromwell (who was promptly executed by my ancestor Henry VIII). They were Lords of Neath (Arglwyddi Nedd) and their own name was Williams.


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