Study of ECE in the World’s Best Universities

The well known scientometrics show that the study of ECE theory on and has been concentrated in the world’s best universities since 30th April 2004 when I began to record the filtered scientometrics in detail. A large percentage of the study takes place in the world’s top twenty universities: staff and students. On 6/3/17 for example there were consultations of in Physics Texas A and M, Wisconsin Madison and Imperial College London, three of the world’s top twenty. So the best in the world have accepted ECE open mindedly, and study it alongside the standard model. The best in the world have studied ECE theory since inception in March 2003: fourteen years. The reason is that it is the first successful unified field theory. It is based on well known geometry – Cartan geometry. The best in the world have rejected the Einstein theory of general relativity, and a lot of the obsolete standard model. This is the post Einsteinian paradigm shift in natural philosophy, a memorable description by an eminent editor: Emeritus Professor Alwyn van der Merwe of Denver University.

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