Question for my Cousin Stuart Davies

It would be interesting to try to find the various coats of arms of the Morgan Aubrey Family. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography mentions that the Coke Family for example has fifty coats of arms listed there. Sir Edward Coke was married to Elizabeth Cecil, grand daughter of William Cecil Lord Burleigh, (Gwilym Seisyll), the minister who effectively ran the Government of Elizabeth 1st Tudor for many years. Sir Edward Coke ruled that a new Armiger becomes a Member of the Gentry in his own right, and achieves gentility not only for himself, but for his entire family. The entire Family is made up of Gentlemen and Gentlewomen down the generations. I would say that we have several hundred coats of arms in the Family, back to the point in history when the idea of a coat of arms began. To take a few examples at random:

1) The coat of arms on Ynys Cedwyn House was transferred to Brecon Museum when it was demolished. I assume that it was first given to the Aubrey Family.
2) Lord Tudor Watkins was entitled to a coat of arms as a life Peer.
3) Many ancient coats of arms back to Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch (in Gregynog Hall) and King Tewdwr Mawr, the Tudor ancestor.

The Windsor Herald defined an Armiger for me recently – a person of eminence. Sir Edward Coke in the sixteenth century defined an Armiger as a member of the Gentry. This is the definition used by William Bortrick in including me in Burke’s Peerage and Gentry in 2012. The entry mentions Tudor Watkins, Baron Glyn Tawe.

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