Application of the Lagrange Method to the Fermion Equation

The new Lagrangian method can be applied to UFT333 ff., on the rigorous quantization of ECE2 relativity, which is special relativity in a mathematical space with finite torsion and curvature, and this will be the subject of the next note. In principle, the Lagrangian method can be applied to the entire output of ECE and ECE2 papers and books, selecting the papers most likely to produce new results when developed with the Lagrangian method. The reason is that we have now available the Maxima code for integration of simultaneous Euler Lagrange equations. Since March 2003, three hundred and seventy one ECE / ECE2 papers and books have been produced in English, and about two hundred and fifty in Spanish, meaning a total of nearly six hundred papers and books on ECE and ECE2. So I am probably the most prolific Civil List Pensioner in history (appointed on February 29th., 2005). I am probably the most prolific chemical physicist in history (attached list), ahead of Professor Emeritus Harold Scheraga of chemistry at Cornell, and Prof. Sir John Meurig Thomas of the EDCL and Cambridge. The EDCL at Aberystwyth holds first and third places in the world, and Cornell holds numbers one and two, ahead of Harvard, M. I. T. and Caltech. You can’t tell a Harvard man anything anyway, so you may as well publish. Due to the ineluctable and infinite prejudice (sorry, wisdom) of the colonial administration at Aberystwyth, the EDCL was shut down. This is like shutting down the Acropolis in Periclean Athens and shows why Wales needs to be completely independent. My ancestor Glyndw^r would not have shut down his own universities. I did offer my collection of original papers to UCW Aberystwyth, but was told that they did not have any shelf space at Hugh Owen. This is hardly credible. What is the purpose of a library if it cannot store valuable papers of original scholarship in Wales? Fortunately all the material is electronically archived on and Type in and to the archive sites. Also, is archived. The world rankings of the Colleges and Universities in Wales are insignificant, sad to write, but I am pleased that there are numerous consultations of my work inside Wales. ECE and ECE2 are the only theories of real significance in physics to have come from Wales, the other work from Wales in physics and chemistry is derived, using ideas from other countries.


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