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Horst/M Normanyron Somewhat fanciful speculation – maybe the number of masses (electrons ) in each shell equals the number of twists in each Mobius strip?
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This is interesting. The ring structure with modulated height Z while the ring is originally in the XY plane can be modeled by a angular-dependent potential. I will give such an example in section 3 of paper 371. The special curving as a Moebius strip requires modeling motion of more than one mass around the centre which is possible. In the article it is spoken of special light polarization where E and B fields are not perpendicular to each other or direction of propagation. This is possible for longitudinal wave expansion as we have shown in great detail on basis of ECE2 theory. This is obviously ignored by standard physics.


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On 3/3/2017 3:05 PM, Norman Page wrote:This site has an enormous amount of empirical data relative to your recent orbital calculations. Regards Norman Page

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Many thanks to the Co President on behalf of�Horst and myself. �

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Fantastic developments again.

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