Circumstances of my Cousin Ellis Williams

From public domain records he lives at Soulbury Farm Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 0JP. His company was £5,239 in debt lately and Overbridge Consulting has been wound up. A new small company has been formed. I am always prepared to help him if he is in a really bad way. My international scientific colleagues and friends and cousins all know that I made strenuous efforts to help him when he asked me for £120,000. That was wholly unreasonable, and he was in a confused and distressed condition. My wife and I invited him here whenever he wanted to come in. I even went so far as to try to borrow the £120,000, completely against my judgement as a successful investor. I never borrow large amounts of money. There are about fifty international witnesses to my efforts. The land dispute showed that the garage built by Cen Williams was not built on what is now 10 Mountain Road. So Ellis’s statement of truth was false. I gave Ellis two copies of my autobiography to reassure him that there has been no mental illness of any kind in the family. I became righteously indignant at his false accusations to third parties about not helping him. However, if he in a truly bad state I am always prepared to help him. I do not think he is aware of the criminal damage done to my car, and he was certainly not involved in that. The criminal who did that should be traced by the police and arrested, obviously. However, it is known that Ellis used foul language about me to Hubert Jones, falsely claiming that I did nothing to help him. Jones swallowed everything without evidence. I can only surmise that Ellis was not himself, and that something was wrong. Now I know that his company was in debt. All he had to do was to tell me, as Head of the Family, and I would have helped him clear the debt, but not to the extent of wiping out the capital of the Newlands Family Trust. The name was his idea. I cannot understand how a person who claims to be religious can behave like this, but probably he was not himself. This is family business, as I pointed out in the Lands Tribunal to all present. The Judge made no objection. On another point, what I write on my blog is protected by freedom of the press. It is fair comment or honest opinion.

cc Newlands Family Trustees.

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