Wind 12.16%, 5 – 20 mph, Wales 5 – 17 mph, 0701 local time

The effective wind speed ( in the Betws area is now 1 mph, mean wind speed of 10 mph (online Met Office wind map) minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines. So they are producing effectively no power, and this is essentially always the case. My survey of the past six months proves this conclusively. They are useless and should be demolished to stabilize the grid and to rescue what is left of the landscape. Time is running out for British energy policy, which relies on gas, nuclear and coal. Hydro is now 2.16% and solar is now 0.00% (University of Sheffield estimate on gridwatch). The landscape of Mawr has been obliterated by Swansea Councils and the Welsh Assembly. It is covered with useless wind turbines, revoltingly ugly grey seas of useless solar panels, huge trenches and scars dug out of the rare ecology for gas pipelines, and disgustingly ugly electricity pylons. To see what it was once like see the photographs in my Autobiography Volume One, a pristine and magically beautiful land. The supposedly protected ecology of Gelliwastad has been totally destroyed by horse riding vandals. motor bikes and heavy four wheelers, combined with annual incineration. With government like this, who needs nuclear war? There is not a single water turbine in the whole of Mawr. Time is running out because the ancient nuclear power stations cannot be run flat out forever. Coal must be conserved for products. Enough hydroelectricity for the whole of Wales and much of Britain could easily be produced by turbines in the Bristol channel. There is a decadent overload of pseudogovernment which does nothing and pays itself everything.

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