Empirical Data on Orbits

Many thanks to Norman Page! It would be very interesting if NASA for example could fund a project to analyze these data in terms of the three dimensional orbit theory now being developed by AIAS / UPTEC. Since April 30th 2004 there have been order of magnitude a hundred consultations by various NASA laboratories of the www.aias.us website. There cannot be any ideological objection because the 3-D orbit theory happens to be the same in ECE2 and standard model. So the AIAS / UPITEC staffs should look in to drafting proposals to look for signs of three dimensional orbits. 3D orbits quantize to hydrogenic wavefunctions, so there are quantized 3D orbits in theory, and NASA and the European Space Agency should look for these. This is Baconian science.

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On 3/3/2017 3:05 PM, Norman Page wrote:This site has an enormous amount of empirical data relative to your recent orbital calculations. Regards Norman Page

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Many thanks to the Co President on behalf of Horst and myself.

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Fantastic developments again.

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