FOR POSTING: Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 28/2/17

For combined sites and there were 26,496 distinct visits, 130,754 hits (downloaded memory files), and 22.6 gigabytes downloaded. For 2,541 documents were downloaded from one hundred and ten countries, led by USA, Germany, Mexico, France, Czechia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, China, India, Poland, Romania, Britain, ……… The quality of study was outstanding, with visits from eighteen of the top twenty universities in the world from Webometrics, Times, Shanghai and QS world university rankings. They were as follows (* denotes repeat or multiple visits): Caltech*, Harvard*, Princeton, Penn State*, Stanford, Texas A and M*, UC San Diego, EPF Lausanne*, ETH Zurich, Cambridge*, Oxford*, Imperial, University College London, Edinburgh, Cornell, Chicago, UCLA, and Wisconsin Madison. Most of the other identifiable academic sector readings were as usual from the top one hundred universities and institutes in the world. I would estmate that this is only the thin end of the wedge, because many staff and students use private computers, I can identify only public URL’s. The Book of Scientometrics records only about 5% of the vast total readership. This is the permanent readership of the ECE School of Thought in physics, van der Merwe’s post Einsteinian paradigm shift of the early twenty first century. Everything has now been archived on the wayback machine, and at the British and Irish copyright libraries from the National Library of Wales ( There are now about five hundred UFT papers and books in English and Spanish and nearly all were read, as usual.


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