Consultations from U. S. Universities in February 2017

These were from: Arizona, Caltech*, Carnegie Mellon, Dartmouth, Harvard*, Karlsruhe Tech (on edu), Pittsburgh*, Princeton, Penn State*, San Francisco State, Stanford, Texas A and M*, UC Davis, UC San Diego, Texas Dallas, Virginia, Vermont*, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Arizona State, SUNY Buffalo, Cornell, Notre Dame, Stony Brook, Chicago, UCLA, US Naval Academy, Wisconsin Madison and Georgia State. These are all in the top hundred with the exception of Dartmouth (Ivy League), Karlsruhe, San Francisco State, Texas Dallas, Vermont, WPI, Stony Brook, USNA and Georgia State. Dartmouth and Karlsruhe are in the top 150, most of the rest are in the top 250 or so. This pattern has been the case since these filtered stats began on April 30th 2004. It is the same for Europe and the rest of the world. So it is seen that ECE has been studied by the best in the academic world several million times for nearly thirteen years. The reason is that ECE is theoretically irrefutable, being based on Cartan geometry. The latter can be extended and made more abstract, but has never been refuted. Of course one must have imagination to turn the geometry into physics.

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