Wind 4.63%, 2 – 16 mph, Wales 6 – 9 mph, 0720 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 6 mph, meaning that no power at all is being produced by the decaying monuments to gross corruption known optimistically as “wind turbines”. They need 9 mph to start. A windy front has passed and lasted only two or three days, during which time the turbines produced enough to boil one egg from one selected chicken. Nuclear and gas are flat out and coal is being fired up to maximum to try to meet the demand. Hydro is a pathetic 2.11%, Solar is a spectacular 0.00% ( So Mawr has been destroyed by useless junk, glaring white giant turbines, and dismal grey fields full of useless solar panels, combined with two massive gas pipelines driven up the most beautiful part of Mynydd y Gwair, leaving jagged scars in the bleeding land, and capped with an incredibly ugly electricity pylon placed right at the top of the ridge so everyone can see it. There is still no piped gas in Mawr. It is really shocking to find that these “solar panels”, so called, contribute nothing to the grid day after day. The solar estimate on gridwatch is made by the University of Sheffield. Both turbines and panels are the result of greed for subsidies by farmers who cannot farm. They have chosen to destroy their own land for pieces of rotten silver. The damage caused to Mawr in this way is much greater than damage caused by coal mines, willful, criminal damage for no purpose. The junk should be demolished and those responsible prosecuted.

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