Dydd Gwyl Dewi

This is St. David’s Day and I send out the englyn to Mawrth (from the Romano British god Mars) on this day. The translation is in the attached book of poetry,


Y mae rhith ia^l y Mawrth oer – yn gyllell,
Yn gell llymder di-loer,
Ar y byd yr eira boer,
Ar faes is, ar fis iasoer.

Traditionally the children of Wales (of all ages) send out greetings to the children of the world seeking peace.
Attached is my relation to Dewi Sant ap Sandde, my ancestral cousin through St. Brychan Prince of Brycheiniog, This is now considered to be definitive genealogy, worked out with the help of several fine scholars, including Stuart Davies, Vivienne Swaby, Dewi Lewis and Arthur Turner-Thomas (Celtic Royal Genealogy site), with sources from Bartrum and others. Dewi Sant (St. David) studied in the fifth century at Cor Tewdos near Llan Illtud Fawr, founded by my ancestral cousin St. Eurgain ferch Caradog ap Bran ap Llyr in about the year fifty or sixty. St Patrick (Padrig or Patricius ap Mowon) also studied in Cor Tewdos.


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