Wind 9.24%, 1- 29 mph, Wales 9 – 12 mph, 0826 local time

Wind has collapsed again as easily predicted. The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 1 mph, average wind speed of 10 mph, 9 mph needed to start the completely useless turbines. In April 2015 for example wind averaged only 5.9% of demand for the three countries of Britain, a complete fiasco. Solar is an abysmal 0.55% (estimated by Sheffield University because solar is not metered). For the past three or four days solar has been zero because of cloud and rain. Hydro is a negligible 3.2% because some hydroelectric producers actually decrease power to get more subsidies. The plan to shut down all coal station by 2025 is completely unrealistic unless hydro is increased dramatically. So the government we have at present is a disaster. The ugly grey sheets of solar panels that have destroyed the landscape in Mawr and many other places are as completely useless as the gigantic turbines. These are products of greed for subsidies and the inability to maintain working farms without subsidies. If coal were shut down there would be many power cuts.

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