Tidal Lagoon Power Stations in Wales

If a series of these power stations is built they would generate all the energy needs of Wales in a predictable and stable way because tides are predictable. Then coal can be conserved for intelligent use, making many products out of it instead of burning it. A little coal and wood would be burned domestically. The tides around Wales are the second highest in the world after Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada. The tidal lagoon walls would last for over a century, and special care would be given to fish and bird life. Myriads of smaller hydroelectric projects are starting all over Wales because of the mountains. Similarly in Scotland and mountainous areas in the rest of Britain. There is going to be a major energy shortfall if coal is shut down, and if a nuclear accident occurs such as Four Mile Island. After that, all nuclear was banned in the United States, and remains banned. So hydro is the only realistic alternative for Wales. I do not think that English policy, formulated by a rightist regime, hostile to Wales as usual, should be allowed to ruin the culture, language and economy of Welsh speaking Wales. That is what my Bro Iaith policy is designed to counter. The Assembly if it had the power, could raise the finance with bonds and other methods. The London government cares nothing about Wales and Scotland, and Ireland is independent of London. I favour a triple Celtic alliance with the United States and Europe. The combined power would safeguard the small nations of Britain.

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