Restoring the Pipe Organ at Capel y Bedyddwyr Elim

I will write to or go to see the Secretary, Deacon and Trustee, Mr Alistair Davies, 57 Ty’n y Coed, Pontardawe, SA8 3DJ, tel. 01792 864208, in order to donate to the Elim Baptist Chapel Trust and discuss the restoration of the organ. Most of it is in good condition. My overall aim is one of conservation, traditional in the Havard Family. It may be possible to have the chapel listed by CADW. Ysgrifenaf i Alistair Davies i siarad ag ef am rhodd i’r capel, i gyweirio’r organ. Mae rhan fwyaf o’r organ mewn sefyllfa da. Mae angen edrych ar ol y Capel a chapeli eraill yn yr ardal. There is a need to look after this chapel and other chapels in Mawr. Each chapel is independent of any Secular Council.

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