Progress with Chapels

I have made progress in trying to find a way of repairing the organ at Elim Baptist Chapel, a few of my old Welsh speaking friends are still there and I met one today. I hope to be given a key and to start work on inspecting the organ. It is a fine organ whose construction was organized by my grandfather, Thomas Elim Havard Jones. A summer school could be held in the Vestry and strict Baptist customs respected in the chapel itself. I prefer the 1620 William Morgan Bible and the very brilliant seventeenth century Welsh. The Bible in English does not mean much to me at all, although I recognize that it is also fine prose poetry. My ancestral cousin Blanche Parry funded the translation by Dr. William Morgan and other from Greek and Hebrew, without using Latin. It was approved by my ancestral cousin Elizabeth 1st Tudor. I was brought up as a strict Welsh speaking Baptist, and was greatly influenced by that enlightened era. That enlightenment should be revived. However I was never baptised and I am an agnostic, a scientist. Being agnostic in no way means lack of respect for the strict Baptist tradition. That was enlightened, and not grim puritanism. Elim is certainly my preferred chapel, it is essentially my family chapel. However I have an ecumenical outlook. The chapel is empty but could be used again very easily. The graveyard has been tidied up. My family were the organists, and my cousin Roy Havard played the Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor to inaugurate the organ. His sisters Janice and Judith nee Havard are very fine pianists, one of them is a concert pianist. The Havard family is an Old Family of Wales and founded the mediaeval Havard Chapel of Brecon Cathedral. It goes back to the eleventh century in Wales, and several hundred years again in Normandy and Norway, where they originated. They have been staunch supporters of the Welsh language, and of tradition and conservation, for many centuries. My good friend Horst Eckardt also started to play the Toccata from memory when he was here on a visit. This was in the presence of the Head Deacon, the late Cen Williams, a close relative and lifelong friend of mine. There are a few stops missing but the organ should be looked after. My wish, being in sound mind and body, is to be interred in Elim, so I must join the chapel. This is entirely natural because my grandfather was the Head Deacon (Prif Ddiacon). It is described in Autobiography Volume One on, blue box above my coat of arms. The chapel is a symbol of a brilliant, world famous, past and of the seventeenth century Leveller tradition in Mawr. There are no churches in Mawr, only Dissenter chapels.This is therefore a republican tradition. I am in proven descent from the Princes (this has recently been worked out and is now regarded as definitive genealogy, all on, so my arms (awarded on merit) reflect that descent. They do not mean in any way that I am a royalist. I am a U. S. dual citizen, a republican. Anyone who knows anything about Mawr will know that I am a republican. Many people from Mawr emigrated to the Welsh tract of Pennsylvania (Bryn Mawr, Bala Cynnwyd, Nant y Coke and so on). There are very many Welsh speaking chapels in Pennsylvania. There is a very large literature in the Welsh language in the United States, notably New York City.

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