Wnd 22.96%, 7 – 40 mph, Wales 11 – 40 mph, 0713 local time

The wins speed in the Betws area now is an average of 11 mph, an effective speed of only 2 mph, so effectively no power is being produced – as usual, a total fiasco. The wind speed of 40 mph is to the north over Gwynedd. There are no wind turbines in the Eryri national park so that wind speed is not producing anything. The demand now is 26.61 gigawatts because it is a Saturday. This demand is much higher on weekdays. For the first time in six months of monitoring, wind is second to nuclear and about the same as gas. This is totally useless because for almost all the time, wind is negligible. The propaganda deliberately deceives people by claiming that this kind of output can be produced all the time. This is a gigantic fraud, and it has been known to be a fraud for a quarter century. So turbines are forced through by a lobby that overwhelms weak government with stupid and dishonest claims. Hydro is a pathetic 3.3%. This needs to be increased to 100%. Solar is recorded on www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk as 0.0% – nothing at all. presumably this means early morning cloud cover. So much for all the propaganda.

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