FOR POSTING: Section 3 of paper 369

These results are full of interest and will attract a large readership. I can see that through the scientometrics. These graphics and analyses are clearly thought out as usual, and the results are interpreted so that the readership will be able to understand them without ploughing through the maths if they want to concentrate on engineering essentials. The results also show the great power of the Maxima code, controlled by the skill and experience of co author Dr Horst Eckardt. A huge amount of new information comes out of a problem that up to a few week ago was only vaguely understood, half understood and misinterpreted. Having understood the problem at last, all kinds of engineering solutions become possible, so we can engineer new kinds of railway systems for example with reduced drag. In the aerospace industry these results can eb used to enginner new kinds of mechanism that will allow aircraft to lift off, helping the wings lift the plane. These mechanisms can also be used in vehicles of all kinds to reduce drag. This is an outstanding section. It shows what can be done with the elegant mathematics of the eighteenth century enlightenment. A large number of possibilities has suddenly emerged.

Sent: 24/02/2017 19:02:41 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Section 3 of paper 369

I finished section 3 of paper 369. I gave several examples for gyro
motion, including application of an external torque. I could not verify
the Shipov experiment (lifting a spinning top by a torque in Z
direction). This seems to be an effect of different origin, maybe a
fluid dynamics effect of spacetime, although it is astonishing that it
is of macroscopic order.



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