Wind 16.51%, 7 – 46 mph, Wales 30 – 46 mph, 0739 local time

There is a front coming in from the Atlantic, the wind speed in the Betws is now an average of 30 mph to the south east, effective wind speed of 21 mph (the turbines need 9 mph to start). This is by far the highest wind speed I have recorded in about six months of daily monitoring. Even in the midst of an Atlantic storm, the Betws wind turbines barely reach their minimum rated speed of about 20 mph. They have reached their rated speed only once in the past six months. The wind speed in Gwynedd is 46 mph, so any turbines there have been shut down to prevent damage. Nuclear is always run flat out (maximum capacity), so it is asking for a major accident as the old and obsolete nuclear plants get more and more vulnerable. Gas and coal are now providing 46.68% of demand today, and nuclear 22.44% of demand. These facts illustrate the complete futility of the wind industry. Hydro is a miserable 3.5%, and this is the major weakness of the energy policy, lack of hydroelectric power. Scotland is making an effort to increase hydro, but is still obsessed with wind turbines. The Welsh Assembly is fixated with useless wind turbines, and imports coal into Wales, a lunar induced madness.

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