Wind 7.98%, 3 – 21 mph, Wales 9 – 17 mph, 0745 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area today is 11 mph, meaning an effective wind speed of 2 mph, because it takes 9 mph to start the turbines. So the turbines are generating a pathetic amount of power, and if they were demolished now the grid would be stabilized and a lot of junk removed from the unique ecology. Wild life would return to the area. As the migrating birds return this spring they are in danger of being slaughtered by the blades. Hydro is a pathetic 3%. There is a mad policy in being at present of actually preventing hydroelectric power from being developed. The exception is Scotland, where many new projects are underway. However these will only produce about 0.58 gigawatts. A series of tidal lagoons and other types of hydro generation can produce all the energy needs of the three countries of Britain. The three gorges dam on the Yangtze river in China has an installed capacity of 22,500 megawatts, which is 22.50 gigawatts. Total demand today is 38.34 gigawatts for all three countries of Britain. So one dam on one river could almost supply the entire demand. There are no large rivers like the Yangtse in Britain, of course, but there is an enormous amount of tidal power ready to be used and many ways of generating hydroelectricity with the dams and rivers in the islands of the archipelago. The corrupt wind cabal is causing major damage to progress with its zero to pathetic output. My study every day on this blog shows this very clearly. This corruption is the result of pseudoscience and outright deception. Hydroelectricty (e.g. the thirties Hoover dam) is a much older technology. The installed capacity of the Hoover dam is 2 gigawatts, almost enough for the needs of all of Wales.

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