Future Power Stations Based on ES and LENR

The circuit needed to build a power station using energy from spacetime (ES), the patented Osamu Ide circuit, is already available (UFT311), it has been explained exactly by ECE theory (UFT311) and replicated exactly (UFT364) with independent testing apparatus. The ES power stations and power plants of all kinds, would be by far the best answer for energy needs, because they contain no moving parts, are entirely free of any kind of pollution, and easy and cheap to manufacture. They could serve as power plants on ships, heavy vehicles and cars. They would put fossil burning cabals out of business, and coal and gas and so on could be conserved for the manufacture of clothes, medicine and so on. LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) is explained qualitatively in UFT226 ff. and is another proven technology. Combined with hydroelectricity, these would solve all the energy problems of humankind very easily. Wind turbines are a total disaster which humankind cannot afford.

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