Wind 15.03%, 8 – 23 mph, Wales 8 – 15 mph, 0833 local time

The wind speed in the Betws turbine area now is 8 mph, the lowest in all the three countries of Britain, showing that no study of wind speed was made before the turbines were constructed in order to give a few pseudofarmers money. These farmers cannot produce food or milk or wool, so they produce corruption. A speed of 9 mph is needed to start the turbines, so once more they are producing nothing. The same will be true of Mynydd y Gwair, a crime against human rights. The fact that the Welsh Assembly actively participated in the destruction of a Welsh speaking area means that it is very weak and dominated by vested interests. It is still an agent of the London Government unable to protect its own people against rampant capitalism of the most ruthless kind. Wind turbines in Wales are obviously useless, the wind speed in Wales is too low. What is needed is a Bro Iaith policy and the elimination of corruption and pseudodemocracy.

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