Wind 11.49%, 3 – 18 mph, Wales 3 – 18 mph, 0824 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 7 mph, not enough to start the rotting monuments to corruption known as “wind turbines”. They need 9 mph to start. This area of Mawr is administered by remote and utterly corrupt government which has almost completely destroyed the language, culture and environment over the past sixty years. This is a violation of human rights and I hereby make a formal protest to UNESCO. The latter has warned against the extinction of the Welsh language as a spoken tongue. There are a few of us who still fight for the language in Mawr and fight against overdevelopment and unrestricted monoglot immigration into what used to be a wholly Welsh speaking area. The Welsh Assembly is responsible for the destruction of Betws and Mynydd y Gwair and the Minister responsible did not carry out a simple study of this type, every day for six months. The almost unanimous opinion in Mawr and Gower is that these turbines are the result of a dangerous level of corruption, the frenzied greed for subsidies and rent. This is why a Land Act is necessary to eliminate foreign landlords, and another Act is needed to demolish all turbine plants known to be useless. In Wales they are all essentially useless because of lack of wind, and already decaying into ugly junk. As people wake up one morning to see the destruction of Mynydd y Gwair, they will become enraged by betrayal. I have fought these turbines for twenty five years, many people still do not know that Mynydd y Gwair will be completely destroyed. Being descended from the Princes I describe this destruction as treason, or another assault on Wales. Another Act is needed to set up Broydd Iaith along the lines of the Gealtachti in Ireland. No immigration would be allowed into a Bro Iaith without a severe Welsh language test. All harmful overdevelopment would be prohibited completely, and Welsh language schools reestablished. Otherwise the entire heartland of Welsh speaking Wales will be cynically destroyed.

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