Plans for UFT370

I intend to write up Horst’s calculation as a Note, and develop frame transformations with the novel spin connection matrix discovered in UFT369 and UFT370, then write up my Sections 1 and 2. Those who can read the access report every morning can see hundreds of UFT papers all being studied, including all fifty five UFT books and papers to date. There is no further strategic impediment to the advance of ECE and ECE2. Indeed they are familiar mainstream ideas in physics. ” ……..on ne resist pas a l’invasion des idees” (Victor Hugo). As General Patton was fond of saying something as follows: a static defence is one of the follies of mankind. It can be outflanked and small pockets of resistance left behind. He was descended from General Hugh Mercer of the Revolutionary War. I know that Patton was wild and difficult and careless of lives, but this saying shows how futile it is to try to order the tide not to come in. Your boots just fill with obsolete water – yesterday’s snow.

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