Wind 14.79%, 2 – 23 mph, Wales 6 – 14 mph 0801 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area is now 6 mph, an effective wind speed of zero, because it needs 9 mph to start the junk known as “wind turbines”. So they are producing nothing at all as usual at a cost of millions spent on destroying a rare and beautiful ecology. This is Kafka at his most nightmarish, an insanity brought about by psychotic greed, R. S. Thomas’ exigency of the machine, Foster’s “The Machine Stops”. In a decade they will be junk, literally. New junk is going to be built on Mynydd y Gwair, so the beauty of the area will be destroyed entirely. It is easy to see barbarism before one’s eyes. It took ten thousand years for the ecology to develop, and it has been destroyed in an instant by evil foreign vandals.

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