Jimmy Carter and the Howard Johnson Patent

I think that Jimmy Carter, Nobel Peace Laureate, was one of the better Presidents and he was also a nuclear engineer. Douglas Mann in his paper mentions how he obliged the Patent Office to deal fairly with Howard Johnson. He used to come here for salmon fishing holidays and was a friend of Rhodri Morgan, who is a relative of mine by marriage. Both were Baptists, and I intend to try to do my best to save the organ in Elim. It has been allowed to deteriorate very badly. Rhodri Morgan’s chapel was and is Capel y Bedyddwyr Salem. As former First Minister he could try to do something about the disgraceful deterioration of the chapels and churches. One can recognize barbarism when one sees it. I think that developers who destroy chapels and churches should be excommunicated. The Protestant equivalent is shunning. My grandfather was rather a severe Prif Ddiacon, or Head Deacon, and would have been enraged if he saw the state of Elim now. The twelve Deacons in a Baptist Chapel sit in the “sedd fawr” around the pulpit. I am an agnostic but cannot sit down any longer and watch all the Welsh speaking village culture being destroyed by ruthless developers. In fact I have always fought against the way developers destroy culture as – the plague of locusts. I am an agnostic but wish to join the chapels to help avert the worst of the damage.

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