Wind 20.06%, 11 – 28 mph, Wales 15 – 28 mph

The average wind speed in the Betws area is now 18 mph, so the effective wind speed is only 9 mph, despite the fact that there is a cold front from the east with a lot of wind. This is because about 9 mph is needed to start the turbines. Therefore the contribution of the Betws wind turbines will always be negligible. My data of the last six months or so show that wind saves a small amount on coal, gas and nuclear on those very few days of the year when the wind speed is significant. Usually the wind speed in the Betws area is below that needed to start the turbines, so 90% of the time they generate nothing. Wind turbines are the result of greed for subsidies and are an economic fiasco, a collapse of democracy. Every effort should be put in to hydro, ES and LENR. Wind turbines have not resulted in any decrease in fossil fuel burning.

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