Wind 4.17%, 3 – 15 mph, Wales 8 – 11 mph, 0732 local time

Wind has collapsed to 4.17%, coal, gas and nuclear are all flat out now to try to meet the demand of 44.11 gigawatts. In the Betws turbine area the average wind speed is 11 mph, so the turbines are turning very slowly because they need 7 – 9 mph to start. It can be seen from this blog that they almost never generate any power. The same is true now of turbines all over Wales (wind speed now 8 – 11 mph). Mynydd y Gwair is about to be totally destroyed by more useless turbines, against up to 90% of public opinion. A cross party agreement is needed to have this environmental carnage stopped and all turbines demolished at developer expense. So Beaufort would have all his land nationalized and made to pay for all the damage. Similarly for the shadowy cabal responsible for Betws. The entire plateau has been completely destroyed. Countless birds have been killed. I think that Betws was let through by Caerfyrddin County Council. I read recently that one councillor in that part of Wales was over ninety years old, completely gaga, and given permanent leave of absence in order to vote and get his brown paper envelopes. Maybe he voted for Betws in dementia. I think he was given a script and propped up in a corner to have his brains pumped up. The Assembly Minister responsible for Mynydd y Gwair just read out a wind industry propaganda leaflet. Swansea Councils turned coat and the local Mawr councillor was completely ineffective as usual. he might also be here at the age of ninety.

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